2024 Longwood Arts and Crafts Vendor set up information

NOTE: ALL Traffic enters at ONE ENTRY POINT.
Enter at Church Ave and S. Millwee. All traffic flows in the same direction.

Here are some important points to know about your participation and SET UP.

    1. Set up FRI after 2 pm and/or SAT before 8:15 am. Vehicles must be out of the event area by 8:30 am on Sat and Sun.
    2. ALL VENDORS ENTER at S. Milwee & Church St. Use GPS: 250 W Church Ave, Longwood, FL 32750 
    3. FOLLOW the traffic pattern to your animal entry point. Do NOT go against the traffic flow.
    4. Be courteous . Unload, Park, Return, and Set Up. Stay to the right of the road when unloading so vehicles can pass. 
    5. Your booth number is in the MIDDLE of your booth space. CALL ME before setting up if you are unsure.
    6. Tents must be weighted to sustain 40 mph winds! Please bring concrete blocks or sandbags to secure your tent legs.
    7. If you purchased Electric for the event, bring a long (100 ft is suggested) cord and a multi outlet plug in case others are using the same outlet. 
    8. There is overnight security but zip up your tent & remove expensive items
    9. A VENDOR ONLY BATHROOM is available in the community building at Wilma & Warren.

    PARKING: Free Vendor parking is on Jessup Ave and at Sunrail (200 E. Warren Ave. Cross over Ronald Reagan Blvd)

    TRAILERS not assigned should park on Florida Ave behind the Police Dept and on Jessup Ave. NO Trailer parking at the hospital!

    You can also opt to PAY to park at Christ Episcopal Church on Church Ave (407)339-6812 or at the Village Inn (Call Janet 352-217-8390) First Come First Serve.

    If you need HC Parking, contact me for a special Parking Pass

    Any questions? [email protected] or (352)217-8390

Lastly but very important!  Event hours are Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-4pmYou MUST STAY OPEN until the event is over. If you are flagged for packing up early, you risk being rejected from participating at any of my future events!  

Don’t forget to LIKE, Share and post your photos on the event FB page:


Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.  Janet Gamache (352)217-8390

Note: Passes will be emailed a week prior to the event in November

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