44th Longwood Arts and Crafts Festival     

   Sat Nov 21 & Sun Nov 22, 2020

Held in the Longwood historic city district  175 W Warren Ave, Longwood, FL 32750 


By registering and paying for this event you AGREE to the following guidelines and waiver for the 2020 Longwood Arts and Crafts Festival as written below.


☐ City staff and partner organizations will ensure that vendors and entertainers understand that special
events, scheduled for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, are not ‘return-to-normal’ events.
Participating in a special event that impedes social distancing cannot occur safely without the addition
of personal safety protection such as facemasks.
☐ City Staff or designated personnel from partnering organizations shall enforce the COVID-19 Event
protocol which will include a social distancing plan and sanitization schedule during set up and
throughout the event. Tables, chairs and frequently used items must be sanitized on a schedule. The
City will communicate an event’s adherence to enhanced safety protocols to the public at large via
social media, signage at the events and frequent announcements at the events.
☐ Event staff including city personnel, volunteers, vendors and attendees must wear facemasks unless
actively eating, drinking, or meet an exception (under three years of age or has a health condition).
☐ Enhanced sanitation throughout event area by event staff and vendors must be provided, focusing on
high touch surfaces including restroom areas and “Kid Zones”. Each vendor table must have hand
sanitizer available.
☐ Markings to promote 6’ social distancing in lines throughout event space must be provided including at
vendor tables, restrooms, etc. Markings to promote 12’ distance from live music performers is also
☐ Each table and chair used for the consumption of food shall be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
Disposable, single-use food service supplies must be used including cups, cutlery, plates, napkins, etc.
Encourage guests to bring their own chairs and blankets for seating.
☐ Vendors will be placed to allow for additional space for the public to safely move past each other.
Vendor spaces must allow for social distancing. Some vendors may require additional spacing.
☐ Food vendors are required to have hand sanitizer at each location, replace bulk condiments with single
serve, and follow CDC guidelines and Fire Marshal requirements.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Notice for Longwood Fall Festival

There is an inherent, unquantifiable risk that by participating in the Longwood Fall Festival
hereinafter called "Program”, you may be exposed to and infected with COVID-19, a contagious
novel strain of Coronavirus characterized by one or more of the following symptoms: loss of
smell or taste, cough, fever, fatigue, or shortness of breath. COVID-19 is an easily transmitted
and highly contagious illness that is difficult to detect due to the limited number of testing kits
available and the fact that the virus can be active within a host for several days before
symptoms arise, during which time the asymptomatic or near-asymptomatic person spreads the
disease to others.
While a majority of individuals will recover from COVID-19, there is a high risk of suffering
temporary or permanent lung damage from pneumonia that may develop from COVID-19, with
some cases resulting in death. Persons who suffer from immunodeficiency disorders, chronic
lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, obesity, diabetes, or serious heart conditions, or are
otherwise aged 65 or older are particularly at risk of developing severe complications from
COVID-19 that may result in permanent injury or death.
You should carefully consider the possibility of infection even if participants of the Program are
asymptomatic and limit their contact with persons who have any of the aforementioned risk
factors. Furthermore, if you are immunocompromised, have a serious heart condition, chronic
lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, diabetes, or other underlying medical issues, the City
strongly recommends that you not attend the Program.
Given the foregoing, the City requests that you DO NOT attend the program if you are known to
have any symptoms of COVID-19, including, but not limited to, sudden loss of smell or taste,
cough, fever, fatigue, or shortness of breath, or who have been in contact with a person
diagnosed with or otherwise exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days. By
agreeing to allow you to participate in the Program, participants acknowledge and understand
the foregoing COVID-19 risk and hereby waive any claims against WTDI, LLC., the City of
Longwood, its elected and appointed officers, employees, agents, and volunteers related to or
arising from COVID-19 infection contracted via participation in the Program. Any participant
whom staff identifies as being too sick to participate in the Program, who is exhibiting any

COVID-19 symptoms, or who has been in contact with persons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-
19 will be immediately isolated to the extent feasible, and staff will ask participants to leave on

an expedited basis.
By signing this form, I have read this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Notice form in its entirety and
agree to the release and waiver contained therein.

Signature of participant: ______________________
Date: ______________________

The 44th annual Longwood Arts and Craft Festival will feature artists and hand craft exhibitors selling unique items, fine jewelry and seasonal decor just in time for visitors to get a jump on the holiday shopping season. There will be festival food, beer, wine & music . There will be NO kid zone in 2020. Hours are Sat 9am to 5pm and Sun 9am to 4pm. Janet Gamache 352-217-8390

The DEADLINE to Apply for the 2020 Longwood Arts and Crafts Festival is Sept 1, 2020.
If you apply after Sept 1, you will be automatically placed on the Wait List.

No payment is due unless/until you are notified by email that you have been Approved. Registration is NOT a GUARANTEE of ACCEPTANCE. 

Applicants can be notified up to the weekend of the event. If you book another event or decide not to participate, please let us know at


Balance is not payable until/unless your file has been Approved and you have been notified by email. Payment is a commitment to participate and booth fees are non-refundable:

2020 base fees:
$175 single/$325 dbl for artists/crafters. Hand Craft vendors and Artists representing their OWN work will be considered at this rate. Cottage food industry reps selling packaged goods to go may apply at this level.
$500 single for Retail reps/Buy Sell vendors selling actual goods on site.                                                                                          

 “Corners” (L or R open) +$50 are premium locations based on availability. Requests are not guaranteed.
$1000 single Business/Lead generating/Branding community partners.       $5000 Event sponsor 10 x 10 space, logo on TV ads, posters & social media mentions
Food Vendors: Carts w/out tent $175 / 10 x 10 tent $300 / 15’- 25’ $500 / 28’+ $900 

Electric available $20 

Registration is NOT a GUARANTEE of ACCEPTANCE. It is the sole right of WTDI, INC to allow or deny participation in this event.