Pirate Seafood Festival vendor set up information

Below you will find the vendor list by last name to find your space assignment and a map to track your traffic flow pattern. All vehicles will enter on W. Warren Ave. (Use GPS  370 W Warren Ave, Longwood, FL 32750 to locate the ENTRY POINT)
Your SET UP TIME window is Friday after 4pm and Sat before 9am.
The event hours are Sat March 26 10am-6pm and Sun March 27 10am-5pm.
If you are assigned “BOOTY HILL” then you are free to set up anywhere on the hill in the grass. 
You can park your vehicle across the street in the Hospital parking lot. There is a church parking lot a block away where RVs/Campers usually Pay to Park during the Nov Craft festival. They might accommodate you this weekend if you call (407) 339-6812 and ask.
If you still owe a balance, you must contact me with your plan to pay or your space will be released to someone on the Wait List.
EMAIL JANET with your approximate time to arrive so that we can be prepared for any big rushes.
2022 Longwood Pirate Seafood Vendors by Last Name  
Albrecht Anne Booty Hill Ravenworks Pirate’s Chest
Alveraz Wesley G7 FOOD Seafood
Andrew Loo Amy A3 A and M Boutique
Atkins Greg Booty Hill Bath and Booty
Baez Alex Booty Hill Malonze Productions 
Balseiro Krista G2 Reel Skinz
Banks Cheryl E6 E7 Food craft Jams, Jelly etc
Barker Jennifer C21 Purses
Byro Brandon Anita Booty Hill Robb and Plunder
Chaney Ashley C24 Acces bows
Cianfaglione Sandi C30 Bling
Colston David Booty Hill Melbourne bird sanctuary
Cornell Jon C03 Extreme Peelers
Desormoux Caroline D6 FOOD Popsicles
Dewar Colin Booty Hill Celticness 
Domdey Chuck F6 FOOD Snowie
Donoughe Joe D4 Hamster wheel
Dratnol Arthur E4 Honey
Evans Angela A5 Christinas Capes
Golenkovaova Tatiana F4 FOOD Oysters
Gurtner Dawn B1 Face Painter
Hoare Trevor C01 C02 FOOD Congo Bongo
Holmes Sandra A7 Crafty Freethinker
Impink Jonathan D5 Toys
Jackson Alaina G6 Sponsor-LeafFilter
Javar Rudy E5 Drunk Chicks Craft Sauces
Johnson Darryl C27 FOOD Conch
Kovanis Andrew G3 Dunedin Candle
LaGrone Paul Booty Hill Coconut Crafts
Lescano Enrique Booty Hill Mastercraft jewelry
Mattiaccio Gerardo C28 Perfume glasses
Messer Philip E10 Fudge
Oneal Robert G11 Photos
Ortiz David D1 FOOD Juice
Phillips Raymond Booty Hill Sharks and Shells
Pigue Danielle C25 Coozies
Pitts Katherine A4 Shakin Stitches
Pitts Katherine G5 Sewing
Porter David G1 Sponsor-Bluegreen Vaca
Reategui Renzo C26 FOOD Arepas
Reed Grumpys C06 C07 FOOD Ice Cream
Reynolds Tara A6 Sponsor-Brita Pro
Reynolds Pam D3 Event T shirts
Rhoton Rob C04 C05 Hats
Rickey Ryan E3 Jerky
Rinaldo Ryan D2 City of Longwood
Rouge Sam F10 FOOD Café Rouge lobster
Ruby Donna E8 Honeybees Doggie Café
Samudio Sixto C23 CBD Storm LLC
Santangelo Christopher Booty Hill Jackdawgs landing
Santos Haidy A8 Kids accessories
Schiff Mandy T20 Airbrush Tattoo
Schultz Andrea  E1 E2 Gardens of Honey
Schweitzer Elizabeth C08 C09 C10 FOOD Mixed Seafood
Seymour Kevin A1 A2 Yard Art
Stern Avril Booty Hill Skull Jewelry
Thain Trinitie G8 G9 FOOD Foodie Heads
Tranchita Justin G4 CBD Weedies
Vargas John E9 Macs in a box
Verastegui Guillermo T15 Ocean Nirvana
Watts Sam C22 Tshirts
Weaver Chuck C29 Licorice
Weinberger Sheryl B2 Fantasy Hair Tatoos
Williams Jajuan B3 B4 Princess Nail lounge
Willis Robert F2 Busker guitar
Wolfe Adam F7 F8 F9 FOOD Mixed Seafood
Wood Roni C20 Nike Walk charity
Wright Bell Felicia F5 FOOD Seafood Bowls
Zimmerman Shelley Booty Hill Crystals stones
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